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Need a gift for someone who loves books?

You’ll find more than books here; we have candles that are out of the ordinary. Ever wonder what Sherlock’s study smells like? We found out. We found mugs for book-lovers, and even a quilt. Below, is an eclectic selection of books and things. Any one of these is sure to please the reader in your life. Take a look, the perfect gift awaits.

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Take a look at this quilted throw blanket with a pattern of books. Hand-pieced from a variety of colorful prints. All cotton and machine washable.

A mug for book lovers: Yes I Really Do Need All These Books.

A mug with the greatest opening lines of literature, from Anna Karenina to Slaughterhouse Five. Comes in a fun gift box.

Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone. Tsetse flies, dysentery, and competing world powers of the 19th century.

Gilligan’s Wake. Reimagined characters from a familiar three hour tour populate this inventive collection of tales that recalls events from the mid twentieth century.

Oscar is a bureaucrat in a secret agency, tasked with inventing discoveries in the Arctic, created to compete with the Soviets during the heyday of the Cold War. It is the closest Oscar has come to his dream of being a polar explorer, until he is sent on a secret mission to the actual Arctic.

Life, love, and a myriad of strange and wonderful events encountered by the Berry family at The Hotel New Hampshire.

This LED book light with rechargeable Li battery, portable and foldable, works as mood lighting or simply stands on the table. A great decoration for your home or as a gift to someone who loves to read. Wooden cover and recycled paper, you even can write your diary on the pages.

The only answer to a dreary, drizzly day is to cozy up with a book. This delightful blend of relaxing fragrances is the perfect companion for stormy weather. Stay home and read!

This must be what Sherlock’s Study smells like. 1 8oz jar, soy candle for book lovers with all the rich scents of 221B Baker Street.

You’ll solemnly swear you’ve been up to no good. Visit the office of the old wizard himself with this cozy, woodsy scent. Slightly sweet with a touch of lemon, this candle smells just like a magical adventure through the wizarding world.

A matched pair of beautiful polished blue agate bookends.

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