Unique and uncommon gift ideas for guys at Silver Shoals Emporium

Unusual gifts for men.

Do you want to give something that will be appreciated? Give him something he won’t be expecting.

Men really aren’t that hard to buy gifts for. If we can use it, it’s fine. But to get that WOW factor, you only need a bit of creative thinking, and we’ve done that for you. We’ve gathered a collection of oddities in one convenient location to save you from wracking your brain and hours of searching. Below, is a selection of items that any man is sure to enjoy. Take a look, the perfect gift awaits.

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This solar powered mobile device charger for camping and travel has dual USB ports and is waterproof. For iPhone 8/X,Samsung S9/Note 8 and More (Orange)

In the halls of Valhalla, they will sing of your mighty shaves. This is an actual tempered steel straight razor in the form of a small viking axe. Comes with a hand-carved wooden box. Practical, useful, and completely awesome.

Say you’ve been shot by this shot glass with with an actual .308 bullet imbedded within. Set of 2 handmade shot glasses.

Try these three wild-west handmade soaps. Each have scents of whiskey, leather, coffee, gunpowder, sage and campfires. Made by Outlaw Soaps, they come in a rustic gift box.

Drive like a Samurai with this katana sword handle universal gear shift knob. Comes in six color combinations.

Take a trip back in time with 20 femme fatales of sixties drive-in cinema. They were the girls in the beach parties and the biker gangs. Take a look behind the scenes of these classic movies.

No one wants to raise a mug and find their coffee’s gone cold. Keep it warm with a USB powered warming pad.

Handmade in small batches, this gourmet bacon salsa is a must try!

Try some exotic jerky. Here is a sampler pack of wild game jerky: Venison, Buffalo, Wild Boar, and Elk. No Added Preservatives. 4 oz.

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