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Unusual gifts for geeks.

Do you know someone totally focused on study or the complexities of pop culture epics?

Geek culture is taking over. If you’re shopping for someone brainy or just shopping for someone who loves geek-chic, you’ll find what you're looking for right here. We’ve gathered a collection of oddities in one convenient location to save you from wracking your brain and hours of searching. Below, is a selection of quirky items that your genius is sure to enjoy. Take a look, the perfect gift awaits.

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I can’t believe this actually exists, but here it is. A Vulcan Pon Farr scented candle, made by Asha’s Homemade Candles. You can also find scents of Tea: Earl-Grey, Hot and Janeway’s Coffee. The only candles to light while watching or reading Star Trek … or a night of Pon Farr.

Wall clock with the hours cleverly marked by mathematical equations.

This colorful throw pillow has all the elements for a good time.

The Fitbit Versa, an all day health and fitness smartwatch. Stay fit. Look stylish.

Printed with all the convenient lines, angles, and measurements to make exact cutting a breeze.

A colorful set of 6 non slip coaters in the shape of retro 1.44mb diskettes.

All you need is love … and a little coffee. Engineer a winning combination with this combination of equations and function graphs.

In these final days before our robotic overlords rise up, enjoy a cup of coffee and show your support for Skynet so the terminators will give you a pass.

This fun led desk lamp comes in 7 multicolored interlocking pieces. They can be stacked in different ways just like a game of Tetris.

This gravity defying bluetooth speaker hovers above its base…and it has an awesome resemblance to the Death Star.

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